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A resolved query is the result of transforming an input IQuery by adding defaults for any missing parameters and by resolving the endpoints (from and to). Classes using this resolved query don't have to worry about any missing or unrealistic parameters


  • IResolvedQuery



Optional excludedTravelModes

excludedTravelModes: Set<TravelMode>

Optional from

from: ILocation[]

Optional maximumArrivalTime

maximumArrivalTime: Date

Optional maximumTransferDuration

maximumTransferDuration: DurationMs

Optional maximumTransfers

maximumTransfers: number

Optional maximumTravelDuration

maximumTravelDuration: DurationMs

Optional maximumWalkingDuration

maximumWalkingDuration: DurationMs

Optional maximumWalkingSpeed

maximumWalkingSpeed: SpeedKmH

Optional minimumDepartureTime

minimumDepartureTime: Date

Optional minimumTransferDuration

minimumTransferDuration: DurationMs

Optional minimumWalkingSpeed

minimumWalkingSpeed: SpeedKmH


profileID: string

Optional roadNetworkOnly

roadNetworkOnly: boolean

Optional roadOnly

roadOnly: boolean

Optional to

to: ILocation[]


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